March 2021

Yeild: ~220g / ~8oz
Total brew time: 60 seconds


  • Coffee: 30g
  • Water: soft, filtered
  • Filter: paper, doubled
  • Brewer: inverted


  1. Heat water to ~98°C / 210°F
  2. While water is heating— use this water to rinse filters in cap, set aside.
  3. Grind coffee to ~7 or 8 out of 10, where 10 is the most coarse. Add grounds to inverted press.
  4. Start pour from an outer rim of the grounds, creating a dry floating island of grounds in the center just before completing ~80g to 100g pour, just after all grounds are saturated. Pour should take ~10 seconds, start to finish.
  5. Stir ~2 rotations per second for 10 seconds.
  6. Steep timer starts after stirring = 40 seconds.
  7. Install filter cap. Gently press out excess air.
  8. Just before steep timer completes, use scale to tare the weight of your coffee cup to zero. *To avoid damaging your scale, do not press coffee into this cup while it is still on the scale.
  9. At steep timer completion, flip and press into cup. Place cup back onto scale, revealing your raw yield.
  10. Add water to achieve a total yield of 220g, more or less to taste.
  11. Cool coffee by decanting between two cups, until desired temperature is reached.
Enjoy :)